View Full Version : Ill be back in a few months after this game goes through some balance passes.

03-20-2017, 05:37 PM
As of right now I can't believe this game is actually called a game. This is more like a beta experience.

It's fairly obvious who the most overpowered characters are. And there are far too many broken mechanics.

My favorite broken machanic that will make me quit eventually?

Shugoki being able to insta kill any1 no matter how high their HP, all he has to do is land a Demon Rush when hes at 1%

So let me get this straight? Shugoki can play liek **** all match, and all he has to do to win is land a lucky demon rush?

I mean is the guy broken? No. I think the heal mechanic + long range weapon is a good way to mix up the defensive tier Champion. But The **** kinda drugs were the devs taking when they allowed this into the game? Insta kill? ****ign iNSTA KILL??????????????? From 1 Demon Rush? God damn I need some of the **** you devs are smoking.

God I thought paragon was bad...Herp y derp Im a Lawbringer, all I have to do is parry and my damage comes for free in the form of unblockable, undodgable, unparryable power moves. This makes the game so enjoyable for my opponents! I love knowing that all I have to do it turtle and I win Herp y Derp!

I hope these mechanics are gone after a while, if if they are not well I can safely say this will be the last Ubisoft Game I ever purchase. This gameplay isnt fun, its annoying, even the inner competitor within me that normally drives me in game is being decimated by unfun losses and even wins, as I don;t really enjoy what I have to do to win sometimes either.

Bad Game, even worse Player base.

Ubisoft don't use your fans to test your game or your gonna lose your fans.