View Full Version : how to leave/quit a task force?

03-20-2017, 05:35 PM
well the title says it all i think... i have been trying to figure out how to quit the task force i joined and maybe i'm overlooking it on the GRN but i just cant figure it out. so if some one that knows would be so kind as to tell me how this is done thanks.

was able to leave my task force by going to the lobby in game selecting myself and press triangle to look at my info and there was a leave task force button...

03-20-2017, 09:48 PM
When you go to your TaskForce Tab at the bottom of the first Window is a button to leave/disband the TaskForce

Also take a look at my GRN Achievement Guide (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1596104-GRN-Achievement-Guide) and/or Skip Intro/Menu Video Guide (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1602457-Skip-Intro-Menu-videos-Guide)
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03-21-2017, 12:59 AM
the only button at the bottom of the first window for me is the "view public page" button... maybe my page is bugged or something. also noticed that my "joined the ranks" achievement is not complete even though i'm in a task force.

03-21-2017, 05:41 PM
now GRN shows i'm not in a task force but on the game i am in a task force... this is so messed up.

update: it now shows i'm in a task force again but still cant leave it.

03-23-2017, 08:52 PM
Are you also in a TaskForce with more than 50 Members? Your Problem is the same as my members above number 50.
Theres a workaround in the game. Go to the statistics (B in the Lobby/H in inventory) there you can leave your TaskForce also.