View Full Version : looking for a top tier player on ps4 for tournaments

03-20-2017, 01:30 AM
Im looking for a serious dubs partner on ps4 for upcoming gamebattles tournaments, they come about once a week around 7-8pm EDT on friday saturday, sunday pay around 150 USD divided by 2 players 75$ each, entrance fee is 5$. You have to live in NA

Im a 3 times 2v2 tournaments winner, I won the last 3 weeks, I main warden and my ps4 partner ditched me, msg on ps4 if you re interested
Im on xb1 as well but I already have a partner on xb1
GT: JeeNiNe

If you main warlord, conqueror, valk or PK and you have a win % in brawls around 85% or higher and you know how to deal with pk im interrested.