View Full Version : revenge mode "builds" and gain balancing

03-19-2017, 09:11 AM
I've heard the term "revenge mode build" used more than once when people discuss gear set ups. Personally I don't think that really makes any sense as a phrase. Buffing your revenge stats is an exceptionally easy decision to make because of how the item system is set up. The revenge stats are split up on different items and where there is more than one the third stat on the item is at best only valuable enough to be worth consideration and possible use, but definitely does not carry the weight that revenge stats do (I'm thinking throw distance personally). When you combine the location of the stats with the fact that you can boost two of them on each item, it becomes entirely too easy to cherry pick all of the best stat enhancements with no opportunity cost.

I suggest that to increase build variety (well, to actually introduce a meaningful amount in the first place...) stats of similar levels of power be grouped together on items. Primarily this means putting three of the revenge stats on the same item. I think having revenge gain by defense and injury along with revenge mode duration on the same item would be ideal. That would leave revenge mode attack and defense with another third stat that would never get picked though. To address that I would put those two on different items hopefully with compelling enough choices so that while you would most likely still always be boosting both stats, they may not always both be the main stat on the item.