View Full Version : [PC] Watching out for mates

03-18-2017, 09:04 PM
Hi guys,
Iam alone and watching out for some mates to play i prefer to do in a zone the story and collect every thing and start from the beginning(I have a lot expirience)
We have to play taktical and wait a lot of time to engage because we have to spott and everything.
My online time is around 14-20pm and fryday and saturday the all day long like untill 1 am it will be nice if you have kind the same online time.
We will talk in a Teamspeak we can go to mine

03-18-2017, 09:17 PM
Hi please come and check out TAW, its a massive group with over 2800 members across several games, we have all sorts of play styles that should suit you!

Come to www.taw.net to sign up! Hopefully see you there mate!

03-22-2017, 03:57 AM
Hey mate, you're playing alone? That's not so good...this is a seriously team-based game that allows a lot of tactical stuff to happen so you really aught to have some good pals to run with. I have a few friends who are really interested in playing each region "in order" and accomplishing all the kingslayer and unlocks, intel and missions in a region before moving on. One of them posted a really cool order in which regions to go through which actually establishes a really cool story of sorts that makes chronological sense. I admit jumping from region to region like I sometimes do it a bit weird because I get bits and pieces of the story and have to piece it together in my head later. Personally I play 18-21 weekday evenings and usually 08-18 on saturdays, although the friends I'm thinking of are on basically in line with your schedule. Our task force has about 200 folks so there's pretty much always someone on to play with, which is one of the big reasons i joined. There's a bunch of folks who play tactical the way you are looking for, so maybe check us out at clanaod.net and add me on uplay AOD_Anvil. We use teamspeak too so we can meet your place or ours if you want and go from there. Sound good?