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03-18-2017, 07:30 PM

Was nice to receive this string of messages during a skirmish game this morning. In total the guy sent me 55 messages of the same variety. He accused me of beating him because of my gear score and because I was a Warlord spamming head butts. Do I head butt? Sure...spam...not so sure but it is a part of the repertoire. I guess he never figured out that he could pretty much stand back from the other side of the map and poke me with with his Nobushi.

This is my issue with gear scores. People use it as a crutch or an excuse. I was dusted in a Dominion match earlier, repeatedly by a 0 rep Kensi who just out played the hell out of me. Which isn't a huge accomplishment (my overall KD is 1.8 but is probably 2.2 with my Warlord), but man did I feel silly. It's not a guarantee of anything. The other thing is, I worked hard to get that 108. I haven't spent a cent on micro transactions. I ground it out in the arena, took my knocks, salvaged gear and saved steel and I feel pretty damn happy with it. So what do I do? Use lower gear to make the children feel better? Tell them to contact Ubi and complain about the matchmaking?

He rage quit about a minute into the match and spammed these messages via PS4 chat (which made me go and adjust all sorts of privacy settings) so they kept popping up all during the match. I replied and thanked him for his salty tears and that they helped nourish my Viking soul. Then blocked him. But in true For Honor fashion, just as the match was ending, I mean literally just as we killed the last team member (the bot who replaced this guy) my screen flashed and I got error code 0006000018. I guess somewhere he's happy I collected just as much of a reward as he did for quitting.

Unrelated....that was my first disconnect in a bit. I've dropped from disconnecting in just about every pvp game to maybe one in 10. Not great still, but a vast improvement.

03-18-2017, 07:35 PM