View Full Version : [PS4] SMU5 (Special Mission Unit Five)

03-18-2017, 06:14 PM
Breaking it down Barney style!
Great place for you nasty civilians to learn a thing or two about Small Unit Tactics in a virtually simulated environment from some high-speed, low-drag, hard-chargin' rockstars.

Keep your freakin' soup-coolers shut, your eyeballs open and your paws on your weapons at all times! If you can do these simple things in addition to immediately executing on orders without losing step because your brain housing group is focused on Suzie Rotten Crotch or whatever freakshow tart your delinquent mind is on, then the Zen Masters and War Gods within our estimed Cadre might refrain from 'sniper checkin' you out in the bush hehe.

What to expect if you join?

- Training opportunities for the noobs or in-game shooters that are having difficulty converting from totally unrealistic games to Wildlands.
- Fun in-game events. You might not win anything per-say, however bragging rights around the water cooler can be rewarding in itself!
- Veteran Task Force mates to help you achieve your objectives.

We aren't picky about who we tag in the interest of helping out those who are frustrated from constant LFG. We are however extremely strict and do have requirements about who we make Full Members and/or Officers so be advised.

Simply FRIEND one of our Officers on the Ubisoft.com website. We will follow up with a PS4 FRIEND REQUEST and finally get you patched in through the Wildlands Lobby.

**Please ensure that your Ubisoft gamer tag, PS4 gamertag and WIldands gamertag are identical!