View Full Version : Indicator Bug Clarification

03-18-2017, 04:02 PM
Can you developers clarify whether the indicator bug is intended or not, or do we have to remain in the dark for yet another month?

I can understand that the bug is related to the frame buffer, however, on certain characters like the PK, you are essentially forced to keep your guard on the right for all the wrong reasons. I'm sick and tired of so many bugs in this game not being addressed by you developers, what have you been doing for the past year?

If you can take time out of your schedule to introduce a pony emote, you can take 5 minutes to make a statement about this well known bug. If it is intended, then so be it, I will do it myself. The same principle applies to soft feints; if it is intended by design, then so be it, I will use this so called "tech" myself.

Now lets see if any of you can be bothered to reply...