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03-18-2017, 07:15 AM
Yo, loving the game and all of the multiplayer maps but what has really been throwing me off is all of the things it seems like you can do in matches but ultimately cant. One example are the trapped doors in OVERWATCH. Two of the trapped doors are opened from the start of match then the next two open a couple minutes into. It would be awesome if there was a secret way to open and close them whenever the player or team decided to. Whether you had to gain your feats and shoot a latch with your arrow or the two people on a certain team had to pull two levers simultaneously. Another example is in the map SHIPYARD. How about having a trigger to turn on and off the saw but of course with similar guidelines as i said with the trapped doors. I guess what im really asking for are in game secrets. Yes all of the easter eggs that are in the game are sweet but i mean interactions with the environment to make something BA happen. Maybe like firing a catapult from a certain location and certain objectives met in CITADEL GATE at the eagle statue in the middle of the map and it opens the castle for something epic. Or shooting an arrow at one of the Mortal Kombat easter egg characters in SANCTUARY BRIDGE and all of the traps close and cant be opened. The reason i bring up these ideas is because i went through hours of gameplay searching and experimenting for something like that to happen. With every catapult and door looking like they could be interacted with i thought for sure i was gonna find something along those lines but came up empty handed. Im not disappointed in the game AT ALL ... well except for the servers but those issues are being addressed. I was just caught off guard with some of the well hidden and well put easter eggs that i thought i would definitely find some interactive secrects. Well thats that and keep up the good work UBISOFT.

04-09-2017, 06:59 AM
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