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03-17-2017, 10:19 PM
I am a 67 year old retired person looking for a PC Task Force. I am also a former USMC Staff Sergeant, Infantry/Special Missions Combat Veteran (have forgotten most of the outdated info I was taught) with over 30 years of some sort of PC tactical/strategy gaming experience (going back to a TRS 80 Model III in 1981). This does not mean I am good at playing computer games like Ghost Recon Wildlands, and that I have not lost a step or two over the last few years... because I am only an average player and 'have' lost a step or two. My greatest weakness is consistency, in my opinion. I can do ten things perfect and then do one stupid thing that screws everything up… which frustrates the hell out of me as much as anyone. So I will ask my teammates for patience in advance… especially when I get tired. I can be grumpy sometimes, but would rather logoff then get into an argument. I also usually end up begging forgiveness more than asking permission.

My play style is mostly as a scout/sniper, taking my time and doing things right. I can lead a team, but would rather just be a member. Success for me is accomplishing the mission and/or wiping out the bad guys without raising an alarm. Unfortunately; this takes game time, coordination, teamwork, and training together for a while. I can drive a vehicle and fly a helo well enough… but flying and landing the damn friggin’ plane ‘may’ be an issue.

I am looking for a low keyed task force that plays for enjoyment and satisfaction, but also somewhat serious about developing a team. I am not interested in competition when Wildlands PvP comes out (I have burned out twice in WoT playing in Clan Wars and do not wish to repeat that experience again).

I usually start playing around 8am EDT/US East Coast and play most of the day (having over 2 days of playing time so far, with Steam saying 93 hours online in Wildlands). I can play periodically during the evening, but not every night. I have played solo so far and enjoy learning about the game, how it works, and developing the best tactics. I have restarted my character ‘several’ times, so I should be somewhat of an expert in Itarcua by now [grins]. My highest level characters so far are 8th and 10th Level, working out of Ocoro and Agua Verde. My third character is set up, but at the start. I have also purchased all the Attachments and some Sniper and Assault Weapons Packages through the Store.

I do have a mic, and can do in-game or TS (or whatever)… just have not set it up yet. I play both the Hard and Extreme Difficulty Levels, but I want my mini-map/HUD. In the way of team development, I would prefer starting out in the Hard Level in the beginning… working our way to Extreme over time. Teams do not need to be the same players each time, but pretty close. I do not care about who the players are, as long as they stay in-game and leave their personal lives at the door. I am not into politics, sports, or drama. I am here to play Wildlands and that is it. Nothing annoys me more than to have someone just talking away while I am trying to concentrate on what I am doing in-game. I do not mind being social, but I am not good at multi-tasking. So running and shooting my through an enemy base and talking about a football team’s latest game just is not my style… sorry.

A Task Force that has its own webpage/forum would be nice as well… as I like posting and reading about tactics and such.

So if there is any interest, please contact me. One can see my Wildlands Profile in the Ghost Recon Network Website.

I wish All well and good hunting!


03-18-2017, 03:18 AM
I sent you a PM! :D

03-22-2017, 04:14 AM
Hey mate, thanks for the thoughtful and well put together post. It's real nice to know what you're getting when you look to join up with a task force and of course, it's good to know that the guy to your left and right actually have your back. Also, thank you for your service. Respect, sir.

If you're willing to be respectful and not loose it on your mates then the task force I am part of, AOD, might be a real good fit. Obviously everyone has better days than others, like you me and my friends are all about playing the game and having a good time doing it, no need for drama and all that nonsense. You're right, it does take a lot of learning to get to play together so that ya'll never set off an alarm - especially on the Extreme difficult it's tough. You just know that pain in the butt Unidad is going to poke their nose into the picture en mass when they are least welcome haha. Tip for landing the planes, do a passby to figure out the approach angle and then on the second pass line yourself up, level out and get kinda close to the runway by just letting off the throttle and tapping it, then when you are over top of the runway hold Ctrl to brake and you'll make a nice-ish landing :)

AOD has about 200 members active in our Tom Clancy games, including Wildlands, R6 and Division. We're a community of 3000 folks in many games and have been around since the 1990's. We have a mix of players who like both more relaxed and more tactical gameplay. Personally I prefer to play for satisfaction and enjoyment by being more tactical, coordinated efforts with solid scouting, synchronized execution of planned maneuvers, and cleaning house - in and out so that "we were never there." Some of our folks will probably do PVP when it comes out, likely many more won't. I think you'd find a really good group of pals to game with. We're serious about becoming good friends and serious about having a good time. Some of us are more social and some are more reserved. We have tactical rooms in our teamspeak where anyone in it respects tactical comms and game play, and separate rooms for more relaxed play, so there's no risk of having folks chat about the football game while trying to coordinate a 4-prong 2-hit strike on 8 tango's lol.

In terms of playtime that's good, like I mentioned there's pretty much always someone on to game with so there's no risk of running solo. Many of our folks are in the same time zone (me too) so it works. We can help you out with getting TS setup if you want. Generally the folks who want to play tactical group up a lot so you'll get to know them and their playstyles in time so that way you can learn to rely on them. We have our own webpage and forum at www.clanaod.net. We have a dedicated thread just for tactical tips, guides, and such so sounds like you would enjoy that.

Anyways if you're interested add me on upaly AOD_Anvil and we can chat more, or shoot us an application on the website and I'll look forward to getting to know ya better and maybe run a few rounds together.

Talk to you soon mate.