View Full Version : Faction war is pointless and broken

03-17-2017, 09:58 PM
I personally think the way every aspect of the faction war as of now is pointless and broken ,the only thing you get is steel and loot boxs I don't personallly need either ,I main a rep 12 ,I have the best gear in my opinion and i have a bunch of steel from just saving and we are only in the third round I have no need for it

They way you win a round is stupid also, it's just who has the most territories at the the end of the round ,not who's had the most the whole round which is kinda dumb

I play on xbox and the samurai where getting beat the whole time and the last round since they where defending their territory at the start of the round they instantly claimed so since defenders automatically claim their territory at the start to win the round it all depends on where your located on the map on the last turn not your factions performance for the last two weeks

As of now I'm not even going to bother with the deployment of war assets since It won't really matter for 11 more days ,hopefully my faction is in the right spot for the last 6 hours and can pull off the win lol