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03-17-2017, 07:46 PM
I feel I don't need to express the reasons for this request being posted, random black screens / constant disconnects / inability to connect in the first place / various other game breaking bugs but predominantly the actual inability to play consistently PLUS....if you do finish a game and then get disconnected or Black Sreen of DOOM you do NOT GET YOUR GAME REWARDS that you have just slaved for.

I have a Season Pass and I therefore paid for and recieved Championship status, which has been useless to me as the hours I've spent with this game LOADED....do not equate to the match completeion rewards I should have recieved.

I would like to see three things done here :

1) A system in place that if somebody is disconnected they can reconnect easily to last game.
2) If you do not get reconnected you still get rewards based on time in game and score when you lost connection / got black screened.


3) COMPENSATION for all people who have purchased Championship status. This needs to be a full 30 days of Championship given to all who have bought and they may apply it to their account WHEN they so wish. ie if they choose to suffer further now they may, or they can wait for a decent patch to sort out Ubisoft's teething problems.

I do not intend for this post to be a flaming wall of hate directed at Ubisoft, I'm sure they are only too aware of the bugs at hand and dont need us moaning more. I would like, however, to hear people input on the above 3 proposals, specifically the compensation part.

03-17-2017, 08:22 PM
You playin on PC ? On ps4 I had none of that :confused: consider switching to a console mate

03-18-2017, 02:35 PM
You playin on PC ? On ps4 I had none of that :confused: consider switching to a console mate

um...ok thanks for the input if I'm reading you correctly your response is "You paid ZAR1000 for a game, now go fork out ZAR6000 for a console and another ZAR1000 for the game again on that format then you'll be ok".....not entirely helpful! The game was released on PC format, it should work in PC format, dont you tihnk?

03-18-2017, 03:33 PM
No problem for me on xbox... request denied

03-18-2017, 04:08 PM
I would like my status being doubled.

Even if I try to play mp, I don't find matches. "very high activity" ... Waiting fir half an hour for a match is bs. Hence, I only play solo mp or story mode - for 50% steel and less xp.

03-18-2017, 04:11 PM
Dont worry about them.
Its been just as bad on xbone and ps4.
Mine is finally working again on ps4. I still dc once in a while but not everytime like it was so im happy.

I also have the gold edition and hope they extend my champ status by a bunch since i lost like 2 weeks or so of it since i crashed every match.

I hope your game is now working like mine.

03-18-2017, 05:28 PM
i got the 10 day champ stat but i only got maybe a day out of it with all the stuff that has been going on. sooo thats cool