View Full Version : Experience on PS4 is without a doubt awesome !

03-17-2017, 07:34 PM
To be honest, the only conectivity issues Ive been having is when I utterly destroy peeps with my Kensei and they rage quit lol

Ubisoft, I love your game its awsome keep it up

03-17-2017, 07:44 PM
Same... well, except the Kensei part.

03-17-2017, 07:48 PM
When I'm playing alone I rarely get d/c'd, but when I'm playing in a group I seem to get kicked a lot more (about 1/4 of games).

03-17-2017, 11:29 PM
Agreed, I play on PS4 and have had a wonderful time. No disconnect troubles for me. I am absolutely loving the game.