View Full Version : Easily Blockable vs. AI, Unblockable Online. LAG IS EVERYWHERE.

03-17-2017, 04:14 PM
Just go play some 1v1 games against the AI. Against Valkyrie or Peacekeeper would be the best. Someone with really fast attacks.

Playing against AI, I can easily block Valkyrie's light attack chain. Playing Online it's nearly impossible.

Same with Peacekeeper. Same with so many other things in the game....

And I see the same thing with my opponents. When I play Kensei vs AI, the AI can easily block my second light attack, the really quick top "stab" attack in his chain. When I play online, almost no one can ever block it...

The latency is huge. It changes--RUINS--everything. Go play against the AI, test it yourself.