View Full Version : Fundamentally Boring and Flawed

03-17-2017, 03:56 PM
I wish i never got For Honor. I made the mistake of thinking this was going to be like DarkSouls 1 PVP, and that is my fault.

When i first started out combat was a lot of fun! But the game has been out for a little and people figured out the mechanics. Now every 1v1 fight is two people waiting for a parry, or a shield break to start their combo, or kill with the environment. The faction system is really poorly thought out and divides the player base. The 4v4 game modes are more frustrating than fun unless you have a character with max item stats. Death match, is who can make it a 3v4 first. The campaign was so short but fun enough. Item stats are a cool concept and allow a player to change up the style of how they want to play, but this puts players at a huge disadvantage that are using characters that they barley have any exp with. The cherry on top is that the server issues never end, I've probably spent more time in menus than i have in game.

The game also needs to be online in order to work but the game connects PEER TO PEER. Its so much fun having some guy teleport to the side of me and executing. League is a free game and has servers. For Honor is a premium AAA game and is peer to peer. I guess that is ubisoft tho

Character balance is pretty good overall, and the maps look phenomenal.

Also Unblockable attacks should not be able to be parried, imo, just dodged.

TLDR: For Honor was cool when i first got it but its charm wore off quick. PEER TO PEER is so stupid