View Full Version : Point to the Lawbringer.

03-17-2017, 12:42 PM
We all know there is the "honorable" players and the not so "honorable". (notice the quotation marks, please. This is not about the whole "honorable vs not honorable debate")
Then however there is those "dishonorable" one, you know, the ones that wait for their teammate to get killed only to attack the opponent in the back during the execution to gain an advantage.

Now, the Lawbringer has some flaws, however one of them is not one of his executions, specifically The Impaler. Not only is it aesthetically glorious, it takes less than 2sec for the execution to you heal and put the enemy in the Unrevivable state. Basically, the second enemy barely have any time to stop you.

Are there any other Executions like this for other Heroes, where practicality and form are so well combined?