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03-17-2017, 06:40 AM
AC - Series Continuation Ideas
Codename: The Miles Bloodline

Back Story (Cintimatic)
after Shaun, Rebecca & Galina escape London after Galina killed Assassin Hunter Atso Burg and successfully Retrieving another piece of eden they seek William Miles (The Mentor) to report back to with the piece of eden. William Miles has been In Hiding at a Dedsec/Asssassin's Hideout in Chicago ever since his Son's death.... CINTIMATIC Modern Day INTRO/EXPLANATION... a sacrifice which saved the planet from a solar flair on December​ 25th 2012 but also released Juno from Cryo Sleep and her presence is now with us but only in sync with the minds of those with First Civilization DNA...*

The News
William Miles finds out that he has a grandson in which came from his son Desmond and Mystery Woman that also has First Civilization DNA but The Templars yet again have the upper hand, they've used their resources combined with The help of Juno to find Desmond's Son Which has higher levels of FirstCIV DNA than Anyone on the planet...

Abstergo Data Heist (Galina Mission)
Watch Dogs Infiltration Style with Assassins Creed Style Parkour & Stealth
Galina is called apon by William Miles to sneak into Abstergo to gather intel on The mother of Desmond's Child & what her decent is...

Shaun & Rebecca look further into the Intel and find out she was a bartender of Egyptian Decent who worked with Desmond before he was captured by the Templars... The Templars knew Desmond was intimate with her so they kept tabs on her and when they found out she was pregnant the Templars took away the child and he was handed over to Abstergo for first civ testing before he was even named so the Templars labeled him Subject 18 and his mother was sent to abstergo research Facility.

Helix Server Data Heist (Galina Misson)
Watch Dogs Infiltration Style with Assassins Creed Style Parkour & Stealth
Galina is sent to Abstergo to hack their Helix servers

The servers had Unsequenced Memories from The Mothers DNA that the Assassins now have which suggests one of her ancestors that was from ancient Egypt dealt with a sage and handled another piece of eden called the Ankh of Isis. In a race against time Galina is sent into the Animus to sequence the data and find answers that might help them fight Juno & The Templars...

William Miles comes out of hiding and heads to Assassin HQ to Debrief Shaun, Rebecca & Galina on what's going on and the plans to liberate The mother of Desmond's Son & then Desmond's Son back... in the middle of the meeting Juno appears on a monitor and talks to Galina as if shes the female descendent of Eve as Desmond was Adam and without Adam Eve is the only hope of saving Desmond's Son....*


William Raises Desmond's Son to be an assassin and at some Point Desmond's son gets to an age where he want to know more about his father so He asks if he can go into the Animus to Relive his memories and gain his fighting abilities.....