View Full Version : I have become lactose intolerant :(

03-16-2017, 07:55 PM
...from all the CHEESE IN THIS GAME.

Seriously you nerf OMNI BLOCK but dont fix

1) guard stance speeds
2) Light attacks staggering Heavies (specifically PK stagger spamming a LB.)
3) Shoulder Pin on Valks as it is the HARDEST BLEED TO LAND IN THE GAME and does the least damage.
4) Stamina consumption for Heavy's yet doesnt give them appropriate damage
5) No love for Lawbringer, or Raider

But yeah, give more effing ornaments. THATS WHAT PEOPLE WANT TO LOOK PRETTY WHEN THEY DIE.

You sure you guys arent run by Mythic Entertainment? You guys are acting like Matt Frior and Mark Jacobs.