View Full Version : are the servers down again?

03-16-2017, 12:21 PM
hey guys, i know even after the update (or maybe especially after it) the "servers" are almost non existing and you get kicked out of more then 50% of all games. But the last 30 minutes, i even get kicked out from the whole game and my uplay account says that it cant connect to the uplay main servers. Do just i (form europe) have this problem or have the main servers of ubisoft some troubles?

03-16-2017, 12:33 PM
Fewer players leads to.more trouble, p2p system needs alot of clients to work properly.

The game has lost it's playerbase and will be dead shortly (on pc).

I'm sorry but this is the state of things.

03-16-2017, 01:34 PM
Servers are down this morning for scheduled maintenance -
UbiSoft posted yesterday on Forums

03-16-2017, 01:38 PM
For how long is the maintenance going to be? I can't wait to get back to my rep 17 warden

03-16-2017, 01:41 PM
Welcome to For Honor's menus. You'll never get to play the game, thanks for the money.

03-16-2017, 01:43 PM
@ForHonorGame - twitter account says
AT 8AM EST we will perform a routine maintenance for an estimated downtime of 1hr 45minutes