View Full Version : Most stupid way to lose a Skirmish

Plutonium Bug
03-16-2017, 11:23 AM
So me and my buddy where doing a couple of skirmish games and we had after the first game 2 players on the other team + 2 bots and us 2 + 2 bots and we were having a good time as it was very close every game we won 2 they won 1.
Then game nr 4 came along in all 3 other games nobody else had joined.
So we are 99% on the way they were at +/-990 points and we had +/-880 and in the left bottom it said GT* has joined.
Nothing happening yet normal game so far.
Our team breaks and with good team work we manage to break them as well with a couple of revives we even manage to kill them all!
And we thought nice! Good game!
But nothing happens.... I look at the left bottom and it sais Player* (that was joining left).
Remember everybody on their team is dead.
Still nothing happened....
Score is their team 1190 our score 3 people alive 1130
I say to my friend we need score mate and he sais nah mate we got 3 alive that will win us the game.
I still say kill everything you see! Map is Village so only 1 Captain each team...
Timer runs out and yup we lost 1190 to 1170.....
What a way to lose. I didn't mind to much as the other team where a fair play and no cheap things happened in the game.
But I think this a very very annoying bug and needs to be looked at.