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03-16-2017, 02:59 AM
Since you guys want some info about what's happening I recorded a few stats of my last hour or so playing.

My PS4 name is FightingFerrets as is my UPlay account. I live in Newfoundland and began playing this session at roughly 830PM EST.
I'm going to list the type of match, PVP or PVAI, the character I used, the time it took to load the game (from when I clicked on ok for the match type until the match actually started, this includes matchmaking and character selection, map loading), match duration (the amount of it took to complete the match, or until I was dropped), Match completion (did the match complete or did I get dropped), Err Code (the Error Code that displayed after I was dropped.

Type Char PvP PvAI TTL Duration Comp Err

Elim Warlord PvP 1:58 0:42 N 0006000037
Skirm Valk PvP 1:57 4:43 N 0006000018
Skirm Bezerker PvP 2:00 3:33 N 0006000037
Skirm Warlord PvP 1:55 1:54 N 0006000037
Elim Warlord PvP 1:57 0:33 N 0006000037
Dom Warden PvP 1:19* 6:39 N 0006000037 (I was dropped into the middle of an existing match with the score roughly 200-200)
Dom Warlord PvAI 1:10 5:37 Y
Elim Warlord PvAI 1:28 0:50* Y (I was dropped into an existing match with my team up 2-0 and round three started)
Elim Valk PvAI 0:50 2:10 Y (I was dropped into an existing match with the score tied 1-1)
Skirm Warden PvAI 0:40 6:29 Y (I was dropped into and existing match with the score roughly 300-100 in our favour)
Elim Warlord PvP 1:59 3:31 N 0006000037

So....what a stupid hour wasted. I started 7 PvP sessions taking an average of 1:50ish to get a match started from the time I hit "ok" to select my match. All seven matches dropped me, 3 of them took less time to do it than it took for the match to begin. Six had the same error code 0006000037. All of the vs AI matches completed but only one of the four actually started from the beginning and was a complete match. Only one PvP match started in progress for me.

So essentially, I can not play this game 4v4 PvP right now. I want to...but I can't. The vs AI matches are less than full matches and frankly, I don't find stomping bots overly fun. I usually only vs. AI if I'm filling out contract orders. Considering the three orders I have left to fill are take downs in Elim and completed matches in Skirm for Hybrid and Assassin on PvP I'm going to have a real hard time filling those.

03-16-2017, 03:07 AM
Thanks! I apologize for the frustration you're feeling. Hopefully we can get this sorted and fixed soon.