View Full Version : I'm tired of this

03-16-2017, 02:52 AM
I'm pretty sure we all know Ubisoft is trash and they don't know how to create a great online service

Servers crashing every week, in game lobbies crashing or getting constantly disconnected, not able to connect in the first place, waiting in a lobby for about 10 minutes and then get kicked...it's really pathetic when you look at it, and it's not just this game

You ****ed up the controller support in game, it's absolute garbage, making every stick input action drop your frames to like 5, cause it switches everytime from XBOX to PS4 support (only when you move the sticks)

The game very poorly balanced, not just Characters but also the maps, game modes like Skirmish or Elimination with the buffs, the back step...just so many things

And the worst thing is, with each update they bring out, they mess up something else and make the players experience even worse before the patch....that's Ubisoft

Idk, I haven't played For Honor since that one update where they ****ed up the controller support on PC, making my game lag/ drop frames everytime I move the stick (PS4)

Please someone save this Company from itself