View Full Version : [PC] AMGF - American Gunfighters task force Recruitment

03-15-2017, 11:54 PM
Hey all. American Gunfighters [AMGF] is a newly created task force focused on all elements and styles of play. As a veteran, the first thing I thought about when playing was how many other vets there must be in the Wildlands as well. Currently, I'm taking anyone who meets the following criteria:

- Must be over the age of 18

- US Military veterans or currently serving PREFERRED but not required.

- Must be online and playing at least once a week

- Don't be "that guy". It's a casual group for now, and hopefully itll fill up with like minds.

- Be willing to have fun.

Think of it as a corner for vets/service members playing to shoot the sh** and have some fun, while using the co-op feature to it's fullest extent.


Page is above. Contact me if interested and we will link up from there. Cheers.