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03-15-2017, 10:25 PM
Hi warriors,

I would like to talk about a little issue i have been experimenting lately. Mainly my issue is with the conqueror. Ok so first off having played a conqueror until reputation 3 i totally understand that overall he is weaker than a lot of people think ok he's got is full bloc stance and his shield bloc that stops combos going on for him but even then he isn't that powerful. He is slow and with low level gear he dosent hit that hard... BUT my main issue is actually with the BOT version of the said class... Usually when i start playing new classes i usually grind them to prestige 1 in PVE (and i GRIND them not AFK FARM them...) and lately i have kind of started seeing a trend where EVERY goddang PVE domion match features a conqueror AND he (or she) always end up being the last man standing on the oposing team requiring 4 people wailing on him to kill him... I know i know wailing on the conqueror isnt the way to go to defeat him but still usually it's what's happening i actually had one time where he actually rolled and blocked my attack at the same time... is that what's supposed to happen cause if so please tell me how to do that cause in all of my time playing him i never managed to do that lol!

So mainly i'm not crying out for a nerf or anything in agreement with my above arguments i know the conqueror doesnt need to be toned down WHEN PLAYED BY AN ACTUAL HUMAN but the BOT version, in my opinion anyway, feels like he is slowing down the flow of battle as im always seeing 2 to 3 people fighting him at the same time... so before actually setting my ming od maybe they should nerf him i decided to have a discussion with you guys see if im the crazy one or if maybe some of you feel the same way i think we can all have a civilised discussion i think the conqueror is a great class but maybe some détails have been over (or Under) looked...

so that's it guys thanks for your time and see you on the battlefield!

Peppy_666 on PS4