View Full Version : Matchmaking is utterly useless

03-15-2017, 08:01 PM
I have not even started the first mission and I cant match with a single player that is even in my part of the game. I am constantly matched with people who are in a whole different providence and a completely different part of the story. Its absolutely ridiculous that I can't match with people who are on the exact same mission I am. Its even more ridiculous that it seems there is absolutely no criteria for matchmaking as I am matched with people who are damn near done with the game. Did you put any thought into matchmaking? Or is it intentionally meant to piss people off because you do not give us the option to open up our party to the public only friends. If we had our party open to public we would always be doing our missions with real players. But instead we are left with ******** matchmaking that has no criteria what so ever. Its a joke. You should seriously be ashamed you released a game in this state in 2017. How the hell can you think its ok to release a Co Op oriented game with no way to co op other then randomly getting thrown into random games at random points in the story? Are you people seriously so stupid you released this matchmaking system or did you intentionally do it to troll players? Because there is no legitimate excuse for such a broken asinine system to be in place on any game that wasn't developed for the ps2 when matchmaking was just getting started. The only option for matching making prefrences is to match with people using mics or not AND IT DOESNT EVEN WORK IT CONSTANTLY MATCHES YOU WITH PEOPLE THAT DONT HAVE MICS. The part that proves you devs did not even put a thought into the system is when you leave a group because your matchmaking is total crap, you have to not only go back to the main menu but you force us to skip through two cutscences over and over again. It is literally the most stupid system put in a game this generation. I hope ubisoft gets bought out and gets gutted and everyone of you money *****s looses their jobs. Because it is clear you care more about money then making a good game

03-17-2017, 09:18 AM
Man, I was about to offer to join your game and level up with you, but you seem like a real toxic person.

Look into that.