View Full Version : Feedback and Suggestions for Lawbringer

03-15-2017, 04:01 PM
So I am Rep 9 Lawbringer now and almost Rep 10, winning quite a good amount of matches in duels.
Actually he is quite stronk and several players tell me he is actually op af, if played correctly.
That mostly means you play mostly reactive and go for light attack parries :)

To be able to successfully do that you need to learn the animations of the other classes, so you can decide fast enough if an attack is worth a parry.
Then you also need to be fast enough to hit that parry. So his skill ceiling is actually quite high as people will adapt and cover up their attacks with a lot of feints.

I think Blind Justice in it's current state is really strong and the core asset for high level Lawbringers.
His kit in general suits his playstyle as a counter attacker and doesn't need a general rework.

Imho all it needs are minor tweaks to four abilities:

Shove does not increase Revenge Meter of our opponent.
In duels this is really bad as our opponents will get Revenge very fast if we shove them often enough.

Light Riposte
Recovery time after hitting your opponent should be reduced so the second attack in the chain comes out a bit faster, atm it doesn't feel like it's a chain.
The second attack should still be blockable and not a guaranteed hit. Tough it shouldn't be too easy to block or even parry it, but put some more pressure on our opponent so we can keep up our momentum and don't need to wait for our next parry.
Alternative: If the first attack was not counted as a light attack in the chain but general like with shove, we would have the opportunity to go for a light riposte - light attack combo.

Make Way
Should give the Lawbringer hyper-armor as otherwise this will be interrupted in a 1vsX scenario all the time.

Long Arm
Guarantees a side-heavy like a GB.
In it's current state this attack is simply not worth the risk, if our opponent dodges he will get a free gb.
TBD alternative: Execute it faster, but keep the guaranteed light to make dodging it more difficult.

My personal wish would be to change the moveset of the side light attacks, so these are long range poking attacks.
This would make the footsie battle with Lawbringer a more viable alternative to his parry-counter play and make fighting peacekeepers a bit easier as we can zone them a bit easier.