View Full Version : Attack Speed and Reactions

03-15-2017, 02:53 PM
First off, I play on XB1 so maybe this isn't an issue on PC.

That said, I'd say I'm a Mid-High Tier player. I'm a parrying machine, I can CGB very consistently, I feint well and mix up my game.

I'm also experienced. I have good character knowledge and it lets me counter heros. I can put up with a lot of the "cheese" in this game. I don't get upset about Warden's Bash, I handle WLs just fine, and Valk is easy to dodge.

The one thing though that I can't handle though is the ridiculous speed of some attacks. I'm mostly talking about zone attacks. They are free damage. Yes, I know they all come from the bottom right (mostly) but they are still easy to abuse. I know it's coming but because I have to focus SO much on blocking these stupid things my defense suffers. I'm more prone to miss a CGB, fast lights will get me, etc. They aren't a major problem on most characters but there are a couple that need looking at.

Warden's: His can come from both sides and his top light is the fastest in the game. He is guaranteed free damage. Period. This needs to go. If he's going to keep his Shoulder Bash his ZA needs to have it's speed nerfed into the ground. He has far to many tools.

Orochi's: He's slower than PK so it's not as bad. I can switch from right guard to left or top fast enough to block his attacks. We can probably leave his alone.

PK's: Her's ZA is a lot easier to defend against, especially if she's the type that dips in and out of fights. Most likely she will initiate with a ZA, easy to block. However, her attack speed needs slowing down to bring her in line with the other assassins. I can block and parry Orochi and Zerk all day so she either needs to be slowed down or my guard change needs to be sped up an by consequence the other assassins should have their speed buffed as well.

TLDR: Warden's ZA needs to be slowed to a snail's pacel. PK overall needs slowing down or guard changing sped up and other assassins getting more speed.