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03-15-2017, 07:12 AM
Hello all. For Honor is a fantastic game. The only the holding it back is the connection/login issues in my opinion.

Problem: Dominion is the main game mode I'll be talking about here because it yields the most XP. 95% of the time, in my experience, when someone quits the game it causes everyone else to disconnect thus resulting in no loot and no experience earned. People can't seem to handle losing a fight (no honor) and promptly rage quit. Why? I wish people would grow a pair and learn to take a loss. How selfish do you have to be? You just prevented everyone in that game from leveling because you got salty and left. Suck it up and play the game! I'm a very patient person but this is becoming unbearable!

Solution: Ok so I know there are other connection issues that occur besides the one that happens after somebody rage quits. But this would at least solve one of For Honors many connection (peer to peer) issues. Here me out guys. Halo 5 uses a system in which repetitive quiting results in a multiplayer suspension. In other words, if someone consecutively leaves matchs they will be penalized and will NOT be able to play online again until said time is over. The more someone quits the more severe the punishment will be. Example-
Quiting more than 3 times in an hour=30 min suspension
Repeated quiting will up the suspension time (it should cap out after 2 hours in my opinion)
This would encourage players to stay and not leave obviously. UBISOFT PLEASE IMPLEMENT THIS FEATURE! This was just my example as I'm sure you can improve on it.

If you agree help spread the word!
I'd like to hear you're comments/suggestions

03-15-2017, 08:28 AM
Ir could be easier that the match results will count on your statistics even if you quit?
If is going to add to your win/defeat % anyway there will be less reason for people to quit.