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03-15-2017, 03:54 AM
After reading a lot o people ideas from inumerous (i dont enven know if this is the right word) posts... i think we should make a pettition to ubsoft change it asap.. because of it how it works.. makes no sense and is dumb as hell...

Listen to people in threads a lot of them...
it will be best if not only the last turn matters...

So it goes this way.

* A turn should be a day, divided by 4 cycles of 6 hours
* Each turn the map is reseted, to the original instead of only in the end of the round.
* The territories that are captured are added to a pool by each faction, and each losed deduced from the same pool (this will prevent the last turn effect and the whole situation of 13 days not count to the Round)


***As apointed by one of us [/ClockworkFool](https://www.reddit.com/user/ClockworkFool) there was a flaw to this***

* War Assets based on online player base
EX: 100 VK logged 70 KN and 50 SM.
the base value for each player we set to 10 War assets.
So we have

100 VK = 1000 WA

070 KN = 0700 WA

050 SM = 0500 WA.

To balance that. The gain shoud be enven or at least very close like this.

VK 100 Gains 10 WA Each Player

KN 070 Gains 14 WA Each Player

SM 050 Gains 20 WA Each Player

* So we would Have 15 Rounds, to capture and lose territories to count till the end, even with the war assets mutipliers, when it comes to the middle its lost his effect, them it should be based on deployment of war assets, games played by each faction.
* Also the round should end in the weekend. where everyone is active.
* At the end of the round the winner faction gains XP STEEL AND CREATES, like 1500 - 2000 XP 1000 Steel and 2 Creates
* The losers factions gains 1000 - 1500 XP 500 Steel and 1 Create

This is what i have gathered so far... please feel free to copy it, i dont need credit, after all most of it its not my idea either, but from other players just like me just like you, who want to make the game better. So ubi should listem to us. Feel free to Change, to make critics, to improve this. But lets us unite to make the game better...

Also ... For ODIN!

**We need to unite against ~~Apol~~... Ubi, so they hear us and make the changes to make the game more fun, to have some meaning to 13 days of a round that only matters the last 3**
* PS.: Please disconsider any gamatical error... english its not my native language. Thanks for reading