View Full Version : Suggestion on keybinds

03-15-2017, 01:15 AM
We should get more options for keybinds on controller. Controller needs an alternative way to input hidden stance / all guard in my opinion. It's way harder to utilize hidden stance on a controller than on a KB+M. My proposal would be to let use change Hidden stance / All guard from pulling right stick downwards into pressing the right stick.

I use an Xbox elite controller and would like to bind it on one of my paddles since you broke my push to talk button in the latest patch. This would be a solution that would help people using normal controllers as well.

Other change I would really like to see would be allowing people to use mixed keybinds between controller and KB+M. I used to have MB4 assigned on one of my paddles on my controller but the latest patch broke it for me. Previously pressing KB+M keys that weren't bound on anything ingame had no effect on the game. Now since the latest patch any KB+M key I press, my target lock unlocks. This was really infuriating figuring out why my game started suddenly target unlocking. I would like you to let us use space bar as a GB while using controller if we choose to do so. Do not cancel our controller inputs if we press something on the keyboard.

I'm considering completely switching over to KB+M instead of the controller because of these issues. But if you decide to let us mix controller and KB+M inputs, please let us decide which inputs the game show on the screen instead of keybinds spazzing on the screen and switching between controller and KB+M. This is a thing that I've had on a lot of games where I've tried to mix inputs. (For example bound spells in witcher into KB+M keybinds because I hated the radial menu and bound those PC keybounds on PS4 controller touch pad. I had no problems with mixing inputs, only the UI messed up and kept switching back and forth because of the automatic control scheme detection)