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03-15-2017, 12:45 AM

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/RYpsu38

Task Force Milsim, strives to find in wildlands, that feeling of tactical and realistic game play found in the original Ghost Recon Games from the 90's and early 2000's.

Being a former Marine, and a combat veteran with two tours, I appreciate smart and tactical game play. This means, turning up the difficulty, using minimal HUD, and using your senses and brains to complete task.

The purpose of this group is to gather like minded people who want to experience Wildlands, with a Milsim mind set. This means that each player will have a role to fill, and each mission will be approached in a realistic manor. Before tackling an objective, each team member should be briefed on the mission, his or her job, the infiltration point, and the exfiltration point.

Roles to play.

-Team Leader: Responsible for controlling the team, issuing orders to engage, syncing up shots, and keeping communications clean.

-Point Man: Responsible for taking point, navigating the map, and relaying to the team whats in front of them.

-Specialist/Recon: Responsible for Drone operations, providing overwatch with sniper rifles, surveillance and recon

-Weapons Sargent: Responsible for the deployment of Heavy and Light Machine guns, the handling of high explosives such as mines and C4, and acting as the gunner during vehicle operations.

Requirements to play. *UPDATED March 3rd,2017*

-Maturity is key, so this will be an 18+ group. But I'll make an exception for people who I think are a good fit for the community.

-Respect for your fellow group members is a must.

-Team Leaders (who ever is hosting the instance) must be playing on Extreme Difficulty.

-Role Operations (HUD & Weapon requirements)

Team Leader:
-HUD Completely Disabled, Except input reminders, Minimap, and Notifications
-May use Assault Rifles with under barrel grenade launcher
-May use SMGs, and Sniper Rifles.
-May use hand thrown grenades.
-May not use explosives such as mines and C4
-May not use Drone
-May not use LMGs

Point Man:
-HUD Completely Disabled, except for Minimap, Markers, Notifications, and input reminders.
-Mays Use Assault Rifles and SMGs
-May use Hand thrown gernades,smokes,flash bangs etc.
-May not use explosives such as mines and C4
-May not use Drone
-May not use LMGs

-HUD Disabled, Except for Markers, Notifications, Minimap, and input reminders.
-May Use Sniper Rifles and SMGs
-May Use Drone
-May Use Handheld Grenades
-May not use LMG's or Assault Rifles.
-May not use C4 or Mines.

Heavy Weapons:
-HUD Disabled Completely Except for, Notifications, Minimap, and input reminders.
-May use LMGs, SMGs, and ARs with under barrel grenade launcher.
-May use All types of Explosives.
-May not use Drone.

It's not necessary, but if you like...dress your ghost for the part...just for that added immersion.

08-05-2017, 09:17 PM
I'm interested in taking up the position of 'Point Man' if anyone else is willing to start the story from the beginning with me.

08-06-2017, 02:24 AM
I would be interested in joining you guys though I will be a fresh player.If this is not a problem let me know and ill pick a roll to play as.

08-06-2017, 05:07 AM
I would like to join your group .

08-06-2017, 08:20 AM
This honestly sounds amazing, what region are you located in? Also your discord link has expired.

08-06-2017, 12:25 PM
Between the four of us, we have a full squad. I'm located in North America. If any of you are willing to start up a fresh story feel free to add me...

Steam - Karbon_13
UPlay - Karbon_13

On steam my name will have -dR- in front of it.

I would also be will to start up a Twitch Chat Server for this group.

08-06-2017, 12:26 PM
I just purchased the game last week, so I am a fresh player as well.

08-06-2017, 09:34 PM
sweet I just bought the game today and will start playing to get gear, I plan on playing without a hud cuss i want the challenge. I live in the USA and on the East Coast.

Uplay: LittleBuddha759
Steam: LittleBuddha759

08-06-2017, 11:12 PM
Nice! I added you on Steam and Uplay. I'm East Coast as well.

08-10-2017, 08:15 AM
Hi Guys

I just bought the game yesterday and started playing. I would love to join you guys. I have played a lot of FPS games like ARMA 3 and Rainbow Six Siege.
I live in South Africa timezone GMT+2 and speak fluently English with a working Mic and are 25 years old.

05-28-2018, 09:55 PM
Anyone heard from these guys or know of another milsim task force?

06-14-2018, 04:03 PM
I know its been a couple years since yall posted but im wondering if yall are still active?

06-15-2018, 11:55 PM
add me if you can id like to join


09-20-2018, 10:30 PM
hey man, i'm interested in joining up.

09-21-2018, 01:32 AM
I would like to join this group if it is still going on. I always try to play the game as realistic as possible but my friends are lame and only run and gun. Nice to see there are some like minded folks out there!

07-17-2019, 01:01 AM
Hi there. I am very much interested in joining this group, but the Discord link has expired. If I would be able to join, it'd be much appreciated. Feel free to add me!
Steam ID: endoplasmicparagon
Discord tag: Endo#9861

07-22-2019, 08:05 PM
Same if this thread is still active would love to join for some serious tactics and fun, all these rush kids drove me away from wildlands but still soloing stuff just sniping away.