View Full Version : "Reporting for Unparryable Tech"

03-14-2017, 10:52 PM
Uh...what? Is this actually still a thing?

My friend (Warden) and I (Shugoki) fought a brawl and beat the other team (Valkyrie/Lawbringer) 3-1

Their Lawbringer was doing pretty decent on his parries, but I out-feinted him a few times and beat him in my 2 1v1's against him. 4th round he decided "screw honor" and attacked me while I was busy fighting his Valkyrie teammate so I got revenge and killed them both

Well, after that, the Lawbringer went on a huge rant crying about "unparryable tech" in each of our fights and how apparently Ubisoft is hunting down people who use it, said he'd report me as I told him "That doesn't exist anymore dude". He insisted it did and told me to enjoy the ban

Side note: This Lawbringer was the host, so lag isn't very likely

Does that bug actually still exist? Or is it just a super salty player?

03-14-2017, 10:55 PM
super salty player

03-14-2017, 11:16 PM
P2P magic? I can't parry one of my friends in private match. He swing heavy and i just got hits.
And i always found 1 unparriable enemy from 3-4 4v4 matchs.