View Full Version : The game is unplayable

03-14-2017, 08:10 PM
Another day in for honor games show me again that the game is at suck a bad state that i rly start to think quitting it . lags leavers and alot of notresponsive commands of the chars . i get parryed at one matchmaking with us players and since im from EU think how the games was. freezes , telleport attacks from the enemy and so on . i decide to stop play the game today couse of that . one major problem is the connectivity . as much as they say they try to fix it in my oppinion the game will never be fix couse of the p2p connection . so i wonder why the hell should i stay and play this game ? . i rly like the game style and play parts but for real is not even close to what the game should be .

another thing i notice as a valk main is that the char is NOT responsive as others . if a enemy manage to parry your light attacks the valk will be freezed for 5-7 seccons widouth dooing anything even if you smash the buttons .

So if there is not a good connection . the chars ar god deam bad scripted and the games dies day by day , why ppl should stay and play? . the truth is this . in one or 2 weeks you will see that the game will be almoust empty and me along with others start to loose patience long before they start to say "we will fix it " it has been 4 weeks since the release and they do pretty much nothing to emprove even a slice of the connectivity problems . after 2 more weeks they will release the patch with the 2 new chars thinking that ppl will come back and play but again why ? . to have the same problems since the first day ? . ubisoft this is for you . i dont think you deserve a player base and not even half of that money that ppl pay for this game . you delivered a unfinish product that gives more headaches then enjoy . some say that time will solve all but as time pass i see more degradation of the game then fixes and satisfaction for the players.

whit this say i think il be another one that go play some real games not a "try to scam "game