View Full Version : Problems Found (after 3.5 days of game time)

03-14-2017, 07:55 PM
To clarify this is on PS4 after 3.5 days of in game play time with the FAR majority being played with other human players (i.e. co-op multiplayer) also on extreme difficulty with no markers.

Grenade Launcher
*Acts as firing a single bullet with no explosion when firing out of a vehicle window, sometimes.
*Delayed or no explosion.
Vehicle Mounted Weapons
*If you are in the turret and look at your map then go back to the turret the crosshairs will no longer display.
*When moving in the prone position and bumping objects or attempting to crawl over some rocks you are moved to the crouched position automatically.
*When crouched movement and bumping some objects while attempting to aim your character appears to stand on his own and will not return to crouched without player interaction
*Cant kill deer
*Seems only grenades and flashbangs can be thrown from a vehicle (unsure if this is intended but does not seem right)
*Extreme difficulty AI seem to ignore vegetation, i.e. AI will move to your last known position and even if you have moved they will shoot directly at you regardless of massive amounts of vegetation between player and opponent. Perhaps this is a spotting issue?
Line of Fire/Sight
*AI heavy opponents who fire LMG's from the hip have killed me when firing from behind a rock that completely covers the gun they are firing.
*Firing from third person with the grenade launcher over a balcony when the red dot is in the crosshair signifying that you will hit your target and the round explodes on the balcony rail killing myself
*Hit box issues with some rocks where the shot is clear but the hit box is larger than the visible rock

Thank you for your time and consideration.