View Full Version : Did they over-buff the Valkyre?

03-14-2017, 05:44 PM
It seems Valk went from one of the most underpowered classes in the game to being a top-tier competitive class with a single buff.Their knockdown attack, chained into two lights with another knockdown leg sweep to follow up seems to be the most common tactic used, and while it's possible to dodge it if your reactions are fast enough/you're lucky enough, the sheer amount of damage it can deal when it connects seems very disproportionate. Especially considering it makes the opponent spend most of the attack on the floor and unable to react (not my idea of a fun gameplay experience.)

Is anybody else finding this to be the the case? Or am I just phenomenally bad at dodging? Because I always dread going against Valks these days purely due to this one attack combo. Not necessarily because it always gets me, but because when it does it means about 6-ish seconds of being almost totally unable to react, which honestly sucks.

And yes, I'm aware there was a change to how shield using enemies function recently, but honestly I never noticed the Valk's pre-combo stance to be a reactionary block in the way that it was used by Warlord or Conq before.

Lastly... Is the Javelin feat supposed to be able to instantly kill a full health Lawbringer with damage block gear on? Because that keeps happening to me. Not even the Samurai's 50-calibre longbow feat does that much damage, I dunno, it seems a bit excessive seeing as it can literally come out of nowhere in Elimination, Skirmish and Dominion mode. Just had it happen to me during Elimination. I was facing down a Raider as Warden, was maybe two bars down on my HP so I was still doing fairly okay, and then I was instantly killed by a javelin from somebody out of my screen range.

I dunno if I just really suck at taking on the Valkyrie now, but I feel like Ubisoft perhaps over-compensated with their recent buff.