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03-14-2017, 04:51 PM
So i've played this game since release and noticed one thing, which i've also seen complained about alot. Is certain heroes unblockable stuns. In other words leg sweep, shoulder bash and shield bash and headbutt.

I've thought about some changes to them that makes them a bit more skillbased and not so "easily" spammable if at all.

First off we got warlord. Atm he simply headbutts and gets a free lightattack. This can be very annoying to face and he can easily spam it. Now, the nerf to this could be, that he gets a quick lightattack but it is blockable. It can be very fast, but still blockable. So that even tho he headbutts you, you have a chance to block it, be to slow and you get hit. Adds a bit more skill to the free damage and gives you a chance to avoid the dmg.

2nd is Valkyrie. Her legsweep, is my atleast, biggest issue with her. Because she already has a big kit of unblockable stuns and unblockables that can remove a hefty amount of your stamina very easily. But legsweep is another one, that also gives her a free heavy, and if you have 0 stamina she can do it before you stand up to even dodge it. Now, you can 1. Remove it entirely. or 2. Remove it from the end of a finnisher. For example, she has a RB RB RB combo, you can RB RB Legsweep, this i think should be removed. Because its far to many unblockable stuns she has and this makes her VERY strong. Also its spammable, especially if, as above ,you have 0 stam where this can be used even if you are on ur way to stand up, so she can keep you down for about 3 heavys and 4 free light attacks.

3rd is Warden. Now i got 2 nerfs in one for this guy. 1. is to make it available ONLY after a heavy hit, (got a reason for this) and give it enough time for 1 light attack, not a heavy. So he can't spam this. I think it will be 2 light attacks, since 1 light attack side gives him an extra free. This will make it impossible to spam, but also a big punish for getting hit by his free heavy. But ofcourse, this should be possible to be dodged, otherwise he can punish you INSANELY just because you got parried. But ofc he can also interrupt it to GB instead.

4th Shieldbash, not sure exactly how to proceed with this one, is it to OP atm? Should it be nerfed? If so maybe something along the lines of it being like valks current legsweep that you can use it as a combo finnisher, but only as that. Or maybe like wardens, that you need to hit with something first, or only useable after GB, idk. Help me with this one if it actually needs a fix.

Please be constructive and i will ignore troll posts. If you think iam clueless on how the game works, explain why. What do you guys think about this? Is it to much, to little, is it good, bad?

03-14-2017, 07:28 PM