View Full Version : This is getting silly now. Fix your broken mess of a game Ubisoft.

03-14-2017, 02:56 PM
Argh !!!

The bloody San Mateo province, it keeps freezing my XB1, I've cleared the cache, hard reset etc and still no joy. It's not my XB1 Ubisoft it's your rushed un-optimised game.
Flew a supply plane from another region last night to the rebel airstrip that's just on the eastern edge of San Mateo and as soon as I stepped out of the plane the game completely froze up, a freeze that locks up the whole console most of the time.
This is getting ridiculous now, I used to be that I could travel about 2km max in San Mateo before it froze up, mostly in the north of the region.
San Mateo appears to be one of the most graphically intensive regions of the game, texture pop is more noticeable than other regions from what I've experienced, I guess this could be part of the problem, guess it's to do with RAM loading in the high quality textures of the landscape in San Mateo.

Anyone else having this issue ?
I'm the only one I can find that is having this problem, but as stated above I'm sure it's not my XB1 which has always been fine with every other game I've played on it.

XR Jabba81
03-14-2017, 03:00 PM
Maybe you can test it out when you go to a friend who has a xbox one too and log in there with your account so you have your savegame present. Go to the Region and when ist freezing there too ist a problem of the game if not ist your console :-)