View Full Version : menu, drone, Binocular, range bugs

03-14-2017, 01:29 PM
so last night i started experiencing a new bug. when going into the menu. i could select the map, mark locations, upgrade my skills, check stats, and look at my level. But when i go to the weapons tab. they are all greyed out and i am unable to change them. so i try the squad kill loading screen reset. no change, i try going to a different zone. no change. so i kill the game, i log back in. change one gun. go back to playing and its still doing it.

i'm still having major drone glitches. randomly it will not deploy. when this happen i also cannot use Binoculars. when i can get them to work by doing the squad wipe reset. or changing zones. i will then randomly suffer from them not wanting to zoom. i normally have to just get by with no drone or Binocular abilities. making the game very hard at times

lastly. any shot i make past 750meters does not register as a hit. i hit a person at 1.4k with the help of a spotter 3 times last night. it did not register any damage. i then moved to 1k nothing, 900m, nothing, 800m nothing. and when i get within 700 meters i can see the sync shot or enemy indicators and the shots start registering damage.