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03-14-2017, 01:12 PM

I have about 100 hours of gameplay I really like the game and I found that the overall balance of game is good, I main the Kensei class because I found it really challenging to play with, but want to mention that by this time the mechanics that were intended to be risquy to do are no longer for some player's and am refering to the parry, I have played duels against players that are really good at defense to the point that I can only hit ont time and also it should be very unpredictable and that's all if I follow up with a light/heavy/feint then attack or guard break I only get parried or countred.

For those raisons I suggeste to make light attacks unparrable but in order to balance things out I think the damage and the speed of light attacks should be reviewed for each class, this way when a player decide to make a parry he's risquing not only the timing but also it has to be a heavy otherwise get punished.

Thats the best thing I can think of thank you all and play with Honor.

03-14-2017, 01:23 PM
Your title is right - defence is too rewarding.

I agree with what the developers said in the last live stream - defence should be strong.

The problem however is that defence isn't just strong as a defensive tool, but as an offensive tool.

My suggestion for a fix to this problem is here:


ttacking is risky mainly because of what parry gives the defender and defending is safe because it is risk free and offers great reward.

If parry was reworked in the following way, parry would still be good, but not offer free damage and not make attacking so risky.

First there are some changes and effects for the person being parried (attacker)
1. No stagger after parry, so the person being parried can defend himself from attacks and GB
2. After being parried you cannot dodge backwards or you will fall down.
3. Stamina drain like now
4. attacking and GB disabled for a moment after being parried, so the only option is defence (including CGB)

Then there are some effects for the one doing the parry (defender)
1. The next heavy attack is faster (maybe even the next combo starting with a heavy attack coult be faster and perhaps this heavy attack could chain directly into any combo chain).
2. The next heavy attacks could have increased chip damage, but don't know if this one is needed.
3. The next heavy attack costs no stamina.
4. The next heavy attack may inflict stun if it connects,
5. No options for light attacks, I know, but heavy attacks could get a bit of love through parry.
6. Several options for rewarding parry without, disabling the other person.

With this parry system in place, we could see some quick exchanges of parry back and forth, that would keep the combat going with no pause after a parry, but instead a feeling of urgency as parries speed up the action and change timings instead of breaking up the action.

That leaves us with the more basic part of defence - blocking.

We have two tiers of attacks - light and heavy.
To match that two tiers of block would work very well - half and full block.

Half block
Getting to half block happends instantly when you switch guard. Half block allows you to completely block light attacks. From half block you can only parry heavy attacks. Heavy attacks hitting half block may do full or reduced damage. that's balancing.

Full block
as soon as you enter half block, the direction meter begins to fill up and after a number of frames it is full and you are in full block. When in full block you can block heavy attacks. The number of frames it takes to reach full block can vary from character to character, to give more balance options. The quick characters who are good at dodging may need a few more frames to reach full block.

For this to work, heavy attacks must be balanced in terms of speed across the board. they don't have to be the same, but must land within an acceptable range for balance to feel right.

A different approach to half and full block
Each attack in the game could also be given an attack powe, balanced with the speed of the attack. When blocking characters would build up block power over the frames after entering full block. When an attack and a block collides, the block power and the attack power is compared to calculate damage. My suggestion is that there is a cut off point, so if you don't have at least half the block power relative to the attack power, the attack does full damage. After that damage is gradually reduced, until half damage. If you match the attack power, the attack will do no damage at all. Sounds complicated, but really is a simple principle. :) Just a second idea for how to approach blocking, that doesn't have to change the characters. This last idea is really just some brainstorming.

03-14-2017, 01:25 PM
If light attacks are unparriable, why would I ever throw a heavy attack? As a defender - why would I have any trouble parrying heavies?

03-14-2017, 01:32 PM
If light attacks are unparriable, why would I ever throw a heavy attack? As a defender - why would I have any trouble parrying heavies?

As a poster, why would you just ask questions? :D

Light attacks are fine except the ones quicker than 15 frames. You can parry heavy attacks most of the time, but it is still a lot harder than blocking them. Fixing the reward for parrying, fixes a lot.

03-14-2017, 03:37 PM
Maybe if you are in half block you cant parry heavy attacks. Or something like that, could work as well? Idk. Perhaps not.
We havent really discussed much on these forums about classes with "special" attacks.