View Full Version : El Pulpo not highliting RED after completing all his mission!

03-14-2017, 12:43 PM
So I have completed every single El Pulpo mission and it pops up saying 'Mission Completed' and I receive the rewards. However on the ESCORT mission where you have to escort him to the airport, I have completed that mission and it pops up completed, but I don't receive the mission rewards (the gun and others) and his character icon doesn't turn RED (which marks defeat) or yet doesn't say he's defeated, only says mission complete. I tried turning my console on and off didn't work, replayed the mission numerous times didn't work. Because he is not rendering or appearing defeated (which he clearly is as I have completed all his missions) I CANT face the smuggling under-boss and the beauty queen, therefore completing the game.

Can somebody please help me or even state if this has happened to you too? Hopefully i'm not the only one! Even if this hasn't happened too you at least give me some advice? I also contacted UBISOFT LIVE SUPPORT and even they're abit surprised and new too this event. I really don't want too create another character, I've done so much.

Also: I read in the coming patch notes that they have patched somthing about bosses not re-initialing after a mission failed in a REPLAYED MISSION...could this be the glitch that has happened to me and others....or is this somthing completely different?