View Full Version : Medication supplies not going into wallet

Ozy Be
03-14-2017, 09:53 AM
I'd like to report a bug that is somewhat hampering progress...

When taking down a convoy for med supplies the number earned is not going into skills page,
I can get med supplies from other activities but after having tried and succeeded to take down numerous convoys only to not gain in the wallet, I thought it needed reporting.

I'm not sure but I think the same particular convoy is continuing to respawn and not being recognised as complete, although it would pop on screen "completed xxxx earned"
There is only one med convoy available at any one time and because of this bug I can't just pick another,

Also all supplies are maxing at 11k and I cannot earn anymore until I spend to get below that number,
This all only started yesterday, before that I have seen over 20k in some slots but now 11k max and no more will count.

I've restarted game/console numerous times now but can't get it to right itself,
A lot of other bugs like invisible character inside the uniform can be fixed with a restart but they don't really bother me like the med supplies as that is hampering skill unlock progress.

I don't see this listed in known issues so I hope you can add this to the maintenance list or advise a way around it.

I will see what happens next time I get on and try to get more info to update...

Cheers :)