View Full Version : Game becoming unplayable...

03-14-2017, 08:31 AM
Im not even talking about getting error codes left and right.. in the passed few days the quality of games that dont result in error codes due to quitters/servers etc. Has gone wayy down. Lag is so bad i can be mid execution and get killed by the same player im executing. Players are teleporting all over mid fight, guardbreaking me and hitting me before i see a damn thing. And then ill take damage off of players.. only to watch it regen as if they blocked my attack.. this s*** is getting ridiculous. People paid good money for this game. The issues were hardly as bad pre-patch. This among other things need to be fixed.. only 10% of the games i played in the passed 3 days were lag free. Im pissed. I dont care if it takes a damn week for them to fix the game. It needs to be fixed. This is borderline theft if they keep things the way they are. Absolute garbage... basically stole peoples money if they dont fix ALL the games major issues.
Worse than destiny.. (2 years+ still cant get weapon balance right) at least you could complete a match without lag/dc.

03-14-2017, 08:55 AM
I can agree with server issues but balance thing is nasty buisness. I was also raging about balance untill i become good with Berserker. I watched countless video about his moves and tactics and duelled 1vs1 to face diffrent enemies without interruption and prevent harming teamplay. Now there are some classes i want to fight and somes i don't. I'd like to share a tale, i duel with sugoichi yesterday, he was the attacker type but not good. I just needed to dodge and hit. Second round, he played totally diffrent. He kept his aggressive approach but added much more unpredictable manuvers. Holds, unblockables, feints etc... It was a good fight and we both learned too much diffrent combinations while fighting. I played dominion after and faced a sugoichi there. I simply whooped his *** entire match. Than he start to whine how im overpowered. But i dueled another sugoichi with tooth and nails just 1 match ago. Still that brute is one of the classes that i avoid fight.