View Full Version : There is so much wrong with this game at the moment.

03-14-2017, 08:04 AM
How matchmaking will constantly match all the high gear on one side and none to the other. Or stack presitge or both.

How long it takes to find a match and still start a round with bots in teams.

How in almost every game somebody disconnects or quits a match. I wonder why?

How it will count down the entire minute during matches because ONE didn`t rdy up.

How it will count down the entire minute and telling you afterwards "not enough players are availible" although it will start rounds with 4 bots but not continue rounds?

How pressing "Next""Next"Next" during reward-screen gets you stuck in this "equip" menu. It is anoying as F. Every normal human being spams the button to skip through the rewards and then you have to escape this menu first. WHO ON EARTH had this idea? LOL

How latency and network performance is just generally bad, with "only" 8 players.

How light attack spamming ruins the little depth fighting has.

How throwing people of the map which basically everybody hates is abusive as F.

How controls get awfully sluggish and unreliable in 4vs4 (IN A FIGHTING GAME?) despite being perfectly fine in a bot match.

How dodge beats almost anything with its immunity timer.

How light attacks beat and cancel almost anything even unblockable moves.

How the fighting mechanics are SOOOOOO inconsistent and feel more random than anything else (IN A FIGHTING GAME?)

How cheap perks are, one-shooting you (IN A FIGHTING GAME?)

How "revenge" can be chained together.

How "revenge" triggers with high gear before the fights have even really started.

How "revenge" is fairly unblanced between different classes.

It is 90% frustrating 10% some fun.