View Full Version : CO OP errors/disconnects and everything else

03-14-2017, 06:33 AM
Just starting off by saying we love the game. Best thing since socom and graphics are out of this world. My group is constantly running into connection errors of some sort. Its not all the time but enough to piss us off. It is so random and only on wildlands.

So lets get this part out of the way.

Yes open nat, all of us.
Internet speed 64meg down 6 up 20 ping
Wildlands only game with problems

We have been playing together since Playstation 2. We have had major clan parties, multiple routers, switches and some competitions To say the least we have done this and
for the most part wildlands is working good.

Co/Op is having some issues randomly. We are getting random host migrations even when the person is not a host we can all get booted. Saturday we all had no problems sunday was a mess. Sunday we were are on party chat on live and wildlands said that we were all offline. When we did get connected we only get so long before one of us get host migration then it throws the whole game off. Very frustrating when you spend more time connecting all the players than playing. The last time I got booted from my clan I just texted everyone that I was done for the day. Again wildlands is the only game we are having problems with. I know its a new game but we dont have any issues with the Division, cods or other games.

To be honest i really think ubisoft should have online down a long time ago. It looks like they are to strick on connection if they will loosen up a little it will be more stable. I would be curious to see if they use the same settings as the Division or if they went a new direction.

To sum this up enjoying the game a lot, going no hud at advanced level and having fun. Staying connected, well some days great other days I am shouting bad words. I hope they find a balance to keep us connected because its killing it for me.

Secondary notes on the game:

So sick of the radios. Please stop the insanity of these devil machines.

Let us turn off all banter from the team mates. Tired of their voices. Just ready to put a pillow of thief face while they are sleeping. Especially when we are playing no hud and they say 2 guys next to the truck. We haven't even scouted the truck. Shut your face.

All in all Much love form the SAS clan