View Full Version : Bug List - After a group full clear

03-13-2017, 10:28 PM
Recently spent a vacation with friends doing a LAN style staycation to play the game as a 4 man group. Through long play sessions we noticed quite a few bugs. This is the majority of what I could remember happening, and that which was not already on the "known bugs" list.

Edit: This is on Xbox One, and formatting.

Skydiving (possibly other situations) can cause a player to be stuck in the free fall dive animation on other players screens. This looks like a person sliding down a slippy slide permanently.

Players entering a vehicle on co-op can become in a glitched animation on other players screens. They appear to be running along side the vehicle and falling in and out of it constantly. I've seen this with all vehicles.

Chopper throttle stick will go dead every so often. To where it will be stuck going into the sky and the only way to fix is to get out. Swapping to a passenger seat does not fix, as getting back in the driver just has you fall to the ground. Chopper will not work correctly on re-entry.

Players can sometimes lose the ability to damage enemies. Basically firing blanks, only fix is to leave and rejoin. This is for both vehicles and enemies on foot.

Players can become permanently tagged as do not attack for enemies. After completing the final cut scene, one friend came out and noticed that no NPC's would attack him. Just look at him and follow him around in a herd, he could melee to his hearts desire. Must of been some issue with the unable to die while in cut scene variable not being changed. We joked that he had become the new cartel leader. He could have walked through the remainder of any other missions and done them trivially.

Players can become permanently unable to deploy the drone or binos at random intervals. Very frustrating, sometimes its fixed when doing a forced KIA respawn, usually you have to quit out.

Noticed that the second Sandoval mission did not reward us with any rewards. All 4 players in a co-op did not receive the 15,000 meds and 10&7 skill points upon completion. Uncertain if there were more missions that did not correctly reward.

Some assault the radio tower missions would not have the doors present to blow to start the mission.

Its possible to take a second person hostage when doing an extraction mission, and enter into the building with the person still grabbed. Upon coming out the player will look normal to himself, but everyone else will see him doing everything with a person held hostage.

Not enough blackzones were added into the game that are currently in the game as acceptable spawn locations. NPC vehicles will spawn in walls and clip around until they magically fast forward across the location.

The same spawn locations are an issue for spawning in vehicles; the chopper will spawn halfway in a tree, or under another object, such as inside of a powerline tower.

Mission reward announcements will show up delayed for some players in a co-op. Sometimes they will appear at a random time later, other times they backlog and will appear in rapid fire. I have also seen a time that every time a person died he received the same mission complete notification.

The sandoval "extended ending" missions become available before completing the game. We did all missions prior to going after the main boss. This also will list you as having more than 100% destabilization.

Samsite warning beep can become stuck, leaving you with the sound both in and out of vehicle. This will not go away until you quit and rejoin.

On seemingly random fast-travels, not often but sometimes; a unidad patrol or a mounted cartel group would be waiting for us on load in. Requiring us to clear them out and deal with being spotted as soon as we arrived at a rebel controlled fast travel.