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03-13-2017, 10:21 PM
Its been over a week that we are now playing the same 4 maps.I already feel like this game is slowly diyng.Removing 2 maps out of a 6 map roll is a good way to ''finish her''.

i obviously loved the game.It is not a typical ''uBI you screw'' post
I want to use this topic to ask questions and offer a good idea at the end. Thanx for reading and please if one sentence here touches your hero class dont take it personaly.And if i am completely off track just ignore this post !I have a .85 k/d so yes i am not the best player around.

-Game mechanics , in a certain way it was good and fun to fight outnumbered.Now people are better and better and it is becoming something else .
-Ever fought against 2 warlord ? There is nothing to do , accept your fatality. Cause they will surround you and zone attack (unblockable) you alternatively . there is others situations like this but i wont go trough all of them.Also how can i fight against 3 opponent when 2 of them are unblockable shield bashing me ?

-People who quit constantly to hit rematch , even if the previous match was fair and balanced is killing the game.

-Why kensei can cancel unbreakable attack and side dodge with a hit while me if i choose to dodge im stuck ?

-ever found yourself in a endless wheel against a conqueror or a warden ? sometime , with a % of luck i will escape it but not for very long .As im out of stamina and can't shift momentum from this evasion.

-Ever lost against a flawless PK without even understood what happened ?

-Ever face those situation where you swear you did everythings possible to avoid a guardbreak and you still end up with a guardbreak on you?

-Ever wonder how the game will be like when everybody will be 108 purple gear ?

-Ever feel your hero is drunk when hes standing next to a ledge or cliff ?

Revenge mechanic cannot be revert at this point.It is actually something you need in this game (as it is)more than anything else

-The infamous Guard break ! There is improvement . But it is still a lottery there is those time when you can tell ''you both did hit the button''at the same time and 1 of the 2 won the lottery .No need to be genius , to a certain point you feel and understand the mechanic.You know ''when'' you will have a guardbreak attempt on you.

Quoted from madCYclops :I dont' think ppl rep 3 should already have a 108 gear score, considering thats not even half of the rep lvls u can achieve for each character but meh, whatever.(he meaned purple gears and it is actually a 1/10. rep30 )

How to balance the guardbreak : it is quite simple . Make a faster recovery time when you get GB.To avoid a free heavy hit.Make it possible to block a hit afer being GB'ed for every classes.That way Guard break will become more an evade maoeuver or a throw against enviro-kill or a throw to a wall to stun your opponent.
In other words stop making it an attack option.Since closed beta i always found that was a non-sense.Every time i succeed a GB out of nowhere for no particular reason.It it worked ! awesome then lets take the free heavy that come with it ! why not ! NO i do it a lot myself and i think it is a stupid mechanic.(Edit) : faster recovery from guard break also reduce the window to perform a throw wich is good.

Shugoki unblockable after GBhit is one of he's ability so don't touch it we can live with this ability.

Also make a faster recovery after a throw , this will save you from maybe 20% enviro kills .(enviro kills pisses more people off everyday)Make all classes ''stiffer '' on their feet when they are standing close to a ledge or cliff.It is fine that some hero will throw you couple feet away.But seriously 8-9-10 feet ? 4-5 feet is enough.

If you think i am piss off and whine or pout here it is not the case.I still play the game but my gaming time has dramatically dropped since a week.

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-1 lol game is "slowly" dying... you missed the boat... the game isnt dying slowly it died fast ps4 went from 250k+ players to 50k in the matter of a week ....

edit: I will say... I dont' think ppl rep 3 should already have a 108 gear score, considering thats not even half of the rep lvls u can achieve for each character but meh, whatever.

03-13-2017, 10:38 PM
Without the free heavy off a GB or parry, punishing bots is nearly impossible.

I agree on a lot of your statements though.

The game becomes less and less fun - especially dominion on xbox. Stuttering, frame rate drops, skipped frames and so on and so forth.


Frustrating. You enter the match with a gear score of five and face off level two bots. I could live with it, if the own bots were not push overs.

Seriously. The bits need adjustments to their nearly perfect defense and nearly perfect counter guard breaking seeing them dodge infinitely into a wall, avoiding my strikes, is stupid and poor.

03-16-2017, 05:15 PM
still waiting for the 2 missing map to return.its annoying over 10 days playing the same 4 map roll. And due to quitter i/we will almost only play every games on citadel !!