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03-13-2017, 08:17 PM
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Hi UBI developers

I'm playing Ghost Recon Wildlands on my XBOX One, and like many others i can't get the synchronisation to work with my iPad.

Now i've seen many posts where users talk about the Firewall (people always do that for some reason), In my case the firewall is not an issue, I have full access to the configuration.

But my XBOX and iPad are on the same LAN which means they should be able to send data back -and forth not involving my internet gateway firewall.
However i have noticed in your app FAQ that you specify that ports UDP 6000 and 7000 are open inbound and outbound, that statement is a little ambiguous to me because because my xbox and iPad can easily communicate on the two ports outbound, but would require som NAT rules to allow inbound communication, but your FAQ does not specify which device needs the ports forwarded. I tried forwarding to either of the devices but it still won't work.

Could one of the developers of the app please explain how the xbox and the iPad app communicate? You can be specific, i'm a programmer and know how TCP/IP socket programming works.

03-14-2017, 12:27 PM
Bump this, devs please respind to this, i might be able to find a fix, but i need your info.

03-22-2017, 11:51 PM
C'mon UBI is it standard procedure to not answer questions of which your developers clearly have the answer to?

03-23-2017, 12:09 AM
Hi CsMax, I have synchronised my xbox One to an ipad.

The port forwarding shouldn't make any difference as traffic within your own network doesn't require translation. It is all your side of the gateway. However, my Xbox is in the DMZ of my network as it is the best way to get an Open NAT; if all else fails try that!

Make sure the game is running and you have launched into the game itself, I can't synchronise whilst in the lobby screens, I have to be right into the game on my xbox. Log in to the HQ App with your xbox live log in - log out if it has remained logged in since last time and log in again just to be sure. Don't use the Facebook or Uplay log in. Also, it may be worthwhile ensuring your xbox live account is linked to your Uplay account. That is an option in your Uplay account settings. Note that I am also using the Xbox App on my iPad, i don't know if this makes a difference to the ways the HQ app can log you in.

Note that sometimes when I do sign in to the App my Xbox immediately kicks me out of my profile sign in as it detects that I have logged into another device. No matter, though, as I just sign back in on my xbox.

If I go through these steps then I can sync every time.