View Full Version : Deluxe edition bonus content token invalid

03-13-2017, 07:34 PM
Hello, im looking for a fix with my token that came with my ghost recon deluxe, i purchased the game yesterday and got given a token on my receipt to put into the website to receive
bonus content. once i put it into the redeem your code, it comes up invalid, now id appreciate having what i payed for if you can understand that, i have contacted ubisoft but still no reply from them. i have also contacted GAME, the company i bought it from, and one service rep said theres known issues with the recon site and redeem and too go through ubisoft and click on recon and do it that way.... that didnt work, next rep i called said to wait for a reply from ubisoft and then see if they confirm its a broken token and to go to my store with a reference number for a new token... i should not really be having these problems in 2017..... and a tad let down :(