View Full Version : revenge, 1v1, ledge throws and also ubisoft did a good job at making this game.

03-13-2017, 07:15 PM
I've played a lot of for Honor and I absolutely love this game yes there could be some balance issues and I'll bring one up in a minute here. but first I just want to thank Ubisoft for all the work they put into this game it's so much fun and I can't stop playing it. And the people who complain about ledge throws in Dominion execution or skirmish I don't think should be complaining 1v1 and 2v2 should have less ways to instantly kill your opponent I agree especially 1v1 there shouldnt be any. But when it comes to Dominion or the other game modes that have 4v4 I think they're completely Fair. when you're fighting more than one person and you are able to throw one of them of the cliff to even the odds. And God forbid they have Revenge mode because then you're really screwed why would you complain about that. it makes it easier for you to fight. but if all you do is try to throw people off the ledge then you're just garbage at the game.

The next thing it's just a simple one and I'm sure Ubisoft is working on the solution for this but I don't see many posts on the forms so I don't know for sure. But 1v1 and revenge mode shouldn't be in the same sentence and I'm not talking about just duels I'm talking about for all game modes. if you're fighting one person that person should not be able to get revenge no matter how much gear they have on them. just take the bar away. I don't like it being punished you're doing better than the other person. I don't like having to fight twice as hard as I was just to stay alive. There's been times where I've been fighting one person and I got them two such low health and then they got revenge. They then used that Revenge mode to either two shot or three shot me at full health. With that being said the some exceptions to that rule such as the beserker and the couple other classes who have the perk that allows them to gain revenge on normal swings. The best thing you could do to deal with that perk to not make it overpowered (which I don't think it or ever will be, but I'm sure some people will bring that up) is to tone down tone down the amount of Revenge you get from it they get from in if the fighting one person. I just feel like I said earlier that I shouldn't be punished for doing better than the other person. But we all know Revenge mode needs to be reworked in general because how it stands is not very good. I shouldn't more afraid to fight with my friend then by myself.

Once again I'd like to thank Ubisoft for the game they gave me. It's so much fun to play and I can't wait for more updates in the future if it's anything like Siege it'll get better as the time goes on and I know it's hard at the beginning we just have to wait for Ubisoft the taken in all of our comments to make this game as much fun as I think it can be.