View Full Version : Bleed mechanic change

03-13-2017, 07:03 PM
bleed in it's current form....well frustrating just seems like an insufficient word to express what it does to people.
As such, perhaps damage over time is NOT what bleed should be, considering it just means the game is over and your just waiting to lose.
Why not instead of bleed be damage over time, it's a damage amp? let me explain.

I recently played a game where the "bleed" effect would not actually damage people while it's active. Instead it would simply add to any on-hit damage you delt. Considering peacekeeper is a light attack spammer, rather than nerf light attack speed, why not nerf damage and change bleed to be on-hit damage buff?

"but how would it expire" I hear you say, and this is where things get complicated.
Currently, every stab of bleed shows you how much health you are going to lose. If bleed were changed, it would still show this, but instead of slowly draining away it would leave in chunks. A heavily imbalanced version of this would be for every 1 point of damage taken to "bleed" health, you also take 0.5 additional points to your regular health. The exact numbers would need more proper balancing but this at least stops the "oh I didnt tech guard break now the game will end in 8 some-odd seconds as I lose all my health with nothing to do in return."

Speaking of which, the next question is obviously "what happens when all of my health gets infested with bleed?".
I'm not sure what the bonus should be, but I think amping up the damage to straight up double would be good. probably a terrible idea, but it's all I got.

"how do we get rid of bleed?" There are two options the dev could go.
BORING OPTION: bleed dries up slowly over time, converting the "bleed" health back to normal health if you wait long enough. I think we have enough reasons to be defensive though.
POSSIBLY EVEN WORSE OPTION: Bleed is removed based on damage delt. Want that peacekeeper to stop chunking you with light attacks, return fire. The scaling should be something like 2 points of bleed undone for every point of damage done so you dont end up killing peacekeeper before unbleeding yourself.

Is this historically accurate? no. Is this gonna further enforce defensive meta? on peacekeeper's side, possibly. I'd like to hear feedback on this.